Fall Scent Trio

Fall Scent Trio

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Can't make up your mind? We got you! Try all three of our fall scents and save at the same time. 

(1) Amber Moon

Amber Moon is one of our newest scents! Created for the fall season, this scent is warm and makes your nose smile and your home feel nice and cozy. This candle has a warm and earthy blend of sandalwood and musk, along with undertones of jasmine, vanilla, and ylang ylang.

(2) Lavender Latte 

This candle smells exactly like you would think. Espresso, Lavender simple syrup, honey, and milk! Treat yo’ self to a different kind of latte!

(3) Honey & Spice

Honey & Spice is our most comforting and warming scent yet! This scent is a blend of honey, spices, and tobacco leaf, with notes of vanilla, bergamot, and coriander. It's earthy, warm, and just a little bit sweet. Honey & Spice and everything nice! 

Three 8 oz metal tins with cotton wicks
100% soy wax
Approximate 40 hour burn time each



The first burn is the most important! The very first time you light your candle, make sure that you have enough burning time to develop a melted wax pool that goes all the way to the edge of the container on the first use - this can take a few hours depending on candle size. For optimal burn, keep your wicks trimmed to remove ash from the previous use.