Our Story

Hey! We're Whitney Wangsgaard and Tory Pittarelli.

We started IndiCO Candles in our little corner of Denver, Colorado named Edgewater. Our candle making journey began as a hobby -- we made candles for friends & family members out of Whitney's garage, but quickly realized we were obsessed with the process and the products that we came up with.

When 2020 took a strange turn, we decided to turn our hobby into a business, and it has been an incredible adventure for us so far.

The name IndiCO Candles has special meaning to us - "Indi"- for individualism or independence & "CO" for our love of Colorado. IndiCO Candles offers 100% soy wax candles with clean fragrances, all hand poured by us.

We have carefully crafted our recipes to ensure that our candles burn clean, evenly, and smell amazing. Our hope is that our candles can bring some joy, comfort, and good smells into your homes 

- Whitney & Tory

Contact us: indicocandles@gmail.com