We are IndiCO Candles, a Colorado-based, small-batch candle company. We pride ourselves on our meticulously crafted fragrances - inspired by the beautiful world around us, by our travels, our memories, and the things that make us happy. We use 100% soy wax, clean non-toxic fragrance oils, and sustainable packaging materials

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We're two best friends with a passion for quality, environmentally friendly soy candles, and we're so happy you're here.

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IndiCO Candle products are a MUST! I am a total snob when it comes to products in general and have fallen in love with all of the scents of both candles and hand sanitizers. The perfect gift item when paired together as well! I would have to say the Rosemary & Sage is my absolute favorite, but you really can’t go wrong!

- Hillary C.


These candles are so lovely. Ever since the inception of this company, I’ve had an IndiCO candle (or three) burning somewhere in my house. My favorite is the cactus flower jade. I love a floral scent that isn’t overly sweet and this is a perfect mix of grounding and uplifting. And you know how you have to leave some candles burning for hours so they can burn to the edges so you don’t lose half your candle when you blow it out? Well these don’t do that! 

-Emily G.


IndiCO Candles are the best. I’ll never buy another candle again! And they have hand sanitizers with the same incredibly rich scents. The holiday candles are divine! White Birch all holiday season in my home! 

- Leslie F.


I am absolutely in love with the Rosemary Sage and Soft Blanket scents! They are so fresh and light and just what I want in a candle! 

- Alex W.


I will never buy another candle again! These candles smell amazing when they are lit but they even make my rooms fragrant when they aren't lit! They burn slowly which is what you want in a candle, even the smaller size can last me like a month of regular burning. My house feels fresher and brighter since I filled it with IndiCO Candles!

- Lindsay W.